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We’ve specialised in metal cladding and roofing services for over ten years, providing you and your neighbours with durable, aesthetically pleasing instalments that stand the test of time.

With our experienced, dedicated, passionate team, you’ll never need to choose style over substance. When you pick Infinite Roofing, you’ll receive high-quality, non-combustible metal cladding and unrivalled reliability.

Our Architectural Cladding Services

Why? Because it boasts superior strength, unmatchable energy efficiency, a beautiful colour range, and outstanding durability.

But to get it right, you need an experienced, friendly, qualified team of roofers — and that’s where our Infinite Roofing crew comes in.

We assess the current condition of your roof, provide a free no-obligation estimate, and complete the project to the highest standard. Consider us the only metal roofing solution providers you’ll ever need.

Copper Cladding

Developers and architects have used this 100% renewable material on heritage cladding and roofing projects for centuries. Why? It’s almost unbeatable durability makes it perfect for withstanding even the harshest environments.

Copper lends itself to a plethora of design aesthetics. Not to mention it’s maintenance- and corrosion-free, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. 

Typically, we use an interlocking installation method with copper architectural cladding since it doesn’t require a support decking. It provides a contemporary profile and is lightweight enough for internal and external use. 

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Standing Seam Cladding

The standing seam cladding system is our most popular service, thanks to its versatility, durability, and maintenance-friendly properties. We’ve installed it across all kinds of projects, including soffits, façades, and even internal walls for a spectacular feature finish.

Our team’s passion, expertise, and craftsmanship ensure a perfect installation every time. We form each panel into tapered, curved, flat, convex, or concave shapes to suit your vision, creating an unbeatably luxurious look.

Our Architectural Cladding Services

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